hello Cesar, how are you ?

I’m in good spirits, thanks for asking!


How did the possibility of representing Austria in Eurovision 2018 arise?

Being a member of the Symphonix producers collective, which is very active in eurovision songcontest, such opportunities are never very far off.

I had the job of being a vocal producer and support singer for Bulgaria in 2016 and 2017 as well as Serbia in 2017 – The topic of me representing Austria in the future was a recurring question put to me many times, and by the end of ESC2017 I was pretty much sold on the idea.

In ESC2017,when I met the Austrian delegation in Kiew, they strongly encouraged me to submit a song for 2018 – and so I did. Portugal is a place that holds a specific meaning to me as a performer. I guess it´s fate 😉


Could you give us some details of your song?

If my song was a car, it would be a McLaren P1 with the environmental integrity of a Tesla Model S😊

In February when we release it, the answer will be more comprehensive:)


How do you feel knowing that more than 200 million people will see you next May?

I feel fantastic knowing that. Although admittedly ,200 million people is a very abstract concept to really understand. 


What are your favorite Eurovision songs?

Loic Nottet, Aminata Savadogo, The Common Linnets and Jamala come to mind!


Conchita, Zoë, Nathan … have any of them given you any advice?



How are you going to surprise the European public?

I think since I am a virtual nobody in the public eye, everything that will happen on that stage will be quite a surprise for them 😉


thank you very much and vivaeurovision wishes you good luck, see you in may in Lisbon

Looking forward to it! Thank you!